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last update 6.10.18

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Final to be played at the Warwick Arms.

The Final

winners in  RED

  Pied Horse B 5-2 White Lion

Semi Final draw

  Pied Horse B 5-3 Black Swan
  White Lion 5-4 Right Turn Clyde

Quarter Final draw

  Right Turn Clyde v. Rebel Sportsman
  Pied Horse B v. Sportsman B
  White Lion v. Concorde
  Wackum Originals v. Black Swan

Second Round draw

  Jolly Cobbler v. Pied Horse B
  Kings Arms Highwaymen v. Sportsman B
  White Lion v. Sturminster Pool
  Left Turn Clyde v. Black Swan
  Oldbury Court Drop Outs v. Right Turn Clyde
  Wackum Originals v. Bull A
  The Pied v. Concorde
  Star v. Rebel Sportsman

First Round draw

  Whitehall Tavern v. Wackum Originals
  KES Club v. Pied Horse B
  Patchway Sports v. Jolly Cobbler
  Warwick Arms v. Kings Arms Highwaymen
  Star v. Greyhound
  Sportsman A v. The Pied
  Shire Sharks v. Midway Social Club
  Bull A v. Langton Court
  Oldbury Court Drop Outs v. Warwick Exiles
  Left Turn Clyde v. Wine Bar
  Concorde v. Miners Arms
  Kings Arms Killer Bees v. Right Turn Clyde
  Keynsham Sharks v. Black Swan
  Sturminster Pool v. Flowerpot
  Rebel Sportsman v. Portcullis Imoks
  Dolphin Inn v. Sportsman B

Preliminary Round draw

  The Lions v. Shire Sharks
  Keynsham Sharks v. Filton Golf Club
  Portcullis Imoks v. Stillage People
  KES Club v. Foresters Bruisers
  Bull A v. KES Killers
  Oldbury Court Drop Outs v. Court Jesters
  King Billy v. Pied Horse B
  Lebeqs Tavern v. Jolly Cobbler
  Kings Arms Killer Bees v. Longwell Green CC
  Right Turn Clyde v. Wandering Star
  Wine Bar v. All Stars Allsorts
  Plough v. The Pied
  Little Stoke Sports v. Rebel Sportsman
  Greyhound v. Doublers Diamonds
  Mechanics Maniacs v. Patchway Sports
  Sportsman C v. Star
  Whitehall Tavern v. Essex Arms
  Freemasons v. Black Swan
  Turnovers v. Miners Arms
  Sportsman B v. Golden Bottle
  Concorde v. Team Pied
  Red Lioners v. Dolphin Inn
  Midway Social Club v. Old Bank
  Wackum Inn v. Flowerpot
  Foresters Ferrets v. Wackum Originals
  Woyal Rankers v. Kings Arms Highwaymen
  Begbrook Beavers v. Sportsman A
  Sturminster Pool v. Trout Tavern
  Warwick Arms v. Bye
  Warwick Exiles v. Bye
  Bull B v. Bye
  Left Turn Clyde v. Bye


First named team will play at home.

DIVISION ONE; First Round draw

winners in  RED

  White Lion v. Bye
  All Stars v. Sportsman A
  Eastville Club v. Lebeqs Tavern
  Pied Horse B v. Wackum Inn
  George & Dragon v. Bye
  Sportsman B v. Foresters Bruisers
  Jolly Cobbler v. Whitehall Tavern
  Keynsham Sharks v. Norfolk & Chance

DIVISION TWO; First Round draw

  Plough v. Bye
  New Moon v. Left Turn Clyde
  Sturminster Pool v. All Stars Allsorts
  Team Pied v. Stillage People
  Mailk House Killers v. Bye
  Mechanics Maniacs v. The Pied
  Patchway Sports v. Old Bank
  Warwick Arms v. Wackum Originals

DIVISION THREE; First Round draw

  Dolphin Inn v. Bye
  Kings Arms Highwaymen v. Star
  Shire Sharks v. Bye
  Turnovers v. Sportsman C
  Little Stoke Sports v. Bye
  Miners Arms v. Pied Potters
  Red Lioners v. Bye
  Foresters Ferrets v. Filton Golf Club

DIVISION FOUR; First Round draw

  Bull Inn v. Bye
  Portcullis Imoks v. Woyal Rankers
  Trout Tavern v. Live & Let Live
  Greyhound v. Longwell Green Sports
  Star v. Bye
  King Billy v. White Swan
  Rebel Sportsman v. Bridge Inn
  KES Club v. Queens Head

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