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Preliminary Round draw

The Committee expect the arrangement of matches to be made between the players. It is not the intention of the Committee to be involved in the arrangement of matches. It is the responsibility of BOTH PLAYERS to arrange the match, (best of 7 frames). If a match is not played or a result not handed in by the given time, BOTH PLAYERS will be automatically eliminated from the competition. Should any players have any difficulties, DO NOT wait until the night of the League meeting but contact the Singles organiser in the first instance.

Results to be submitted at the League Meeting February 2.

winners denoted by * asterisk

  RICHARD DAVIS Pied Horse v.   STEPH BRANDER Clyde Arms
  THOMAS RISDALE Freemasons v.   PAUL ELLIOTT Jolly Cobbler
  ROB CHURCH Bull v.   PAUL DEACON Golden Bottle
  BEN BLACKWELL Essex Arms v.   SAM ALLEN Rebel Sportsman
  JAMIE HAWKINS Pied Horse v.   MITCH HOOPER Sportsman
  JAMIE BRITT Pied Horse v.   STEVE HORROCKS Clyde Arms
  ANDY JAMES Begbrook Beavers v.   NEIL PARTRIDGE Pied Horse
  GREG GAMLIN Wackum v.   DEREK MURPHY Pied Horse
  MARIA POLLEDRI Clyde Arms v.   MAX NOSKO Whitehall Tavern
  JACOB WILSON Sportsman v.   CONNOR MITCHELL Kings Arms
  PHIL SMITH Clyde Arms v.   MARK ELLIOTT Jolly Cobbler
  BEN DAVEY Whitehall Tavern v.   JAKE STONE All Stars
  DAMION PIKE Wackum v.   JAMIE HAMILTON Woyal Rankers
  JORDAN NEWTON Whitehall Tavern v.   ASH BIRD Sportsman
  BRAD HODGES Sportsman v.   TOM WEEKS Warwick Arms
  GARY RUDGE Foresters v.   STEVE NEWTON King Billy
  THOMAS BEBBINGTON Kings Arms v.   DEREK OWENS Golden Bottle
  DEAN TSANG Jolly Cobbler v.   AARON MATHARU Pied Horse
  ROB PAINTER Black Swan v.   HARJEET SINGH Black Swan
  DAVE SMITH All Stars v.   ASH PARKHOUSE Sportsman
  SIMON MURPHY Stillage People v.   DAVE FOX Wackum
  NEIL MOSELEY Stillage People v.   LUKE FLOYD Whitehall Tavern
  ADAM SHOVELTON Sportsman v.   KIERAN NEWTON Whitehall Tavern
  CONNOR BENNETT Wackum v.   MIKE JOHN Warwick Arms
  LEE ROSSITER Clyde Arms v.   JOHN GOODMAN Sportsman
  WILLIAM CARTER Novers Club v.   IAN BODY Wackum
  LEON BOND Sturminster v.   SEAN DESALLAIS Clyde Arms
  PAUL LLEWELLYN Essex Arms v.   JON JAY Sportsman

Aaron Lowe, Aaron Morgan, Adam Bewley, Adam Silverthorne, Aiden Murphy, Al Beardly, Andy Cooper, Alex Defrates, Andy Moorhouse, Andy Scholes, Andy Walker, Arthur West, Ash Moyce, Avi Singh, Ben Kerr, Ben Sharp, Bob Kapur, Chris Mitchard, Chris Whitehead, Clive Bentley, Clive Greenslade, Craig Chiddy, Dan Darlington, Dan Nichols, Danny Hawkins, Darran Jones, Dean Lapham, Debbie Short, Dennis Rudman, Derek Whatley, Donald Coke, Dylon Sivam, Emmit Bradstock, Ethan Thorne, Freya Clothier, Gary Solan, George Marsh, Graham Carter, Harri Shaw, Harry Smith, Hina Shah, Iain Douglas, Jake Thorne, James Lane, James Nation, Jamie Earl, John Liddington, Jon Kiddle, Jordan Partridge, Joseph Newton, Julian Morgan, Julian R-Wade, Junior Edwards, Justin Millbourn, Katie Kent-Naylor, Kevin Livock, Kevin Smith, Lee Brice, Lee Browne, Lee Hersey, Lee Rudman, Lucky Singh, Mark Holloway, Mark Huggins, Mark Stevens, Martin Collins, Matt Knighton, Matt Stevens, Matt Sumner, Nick Hawkins, Nick Scott, Nigel Thatcher, Partab Singh, Paul Thomson, Pete Barton, Pete Notton, Peter Henderson, Phil Parkhouse, Phil Pitman, Phil White, Richard O-Thomas, Rob Mason, Rob Winstone, Robert Carter, Robin Haque, Sam Clothier, Sam Greenwood, Satnam Singh, Simon Doyle, Simon Vowles, Stephen Morgan, Steve Griffiths, Steve Fionda, Steve Saunders, Steve Shorney, Stewart Good, Tim Robertson, Tom West, Tony Skinner.


The Shield competition will begin in March

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