last update 8.4.18

Check for team changes in your Division

There are still a small number of teams who owe fees to the league. These teams have been notified and suspended until further notice. Any player that belongs to a team in debt won’t be permitted to sign to any other team in future until their share of the debt is paid.

As announced at the start of the season, Doubles Finals Day is on Sunday April 15 at All Stars, beginning at 11am. Bearing in mind possible parking difficulties, please be there in good time as frame penalties will apply for late comers. Doors open at 10am.
Finals Day for the Youth comp is also at All Stars on Sunday April 29.

Many knockout competitions are approaching finals days and nights, so please be aware of when your respective competitions will conclude.
All individual comps are the best of 7 frames in the early rounds, except for the Singles Shield, which is best of 5. Doubles matches are best of 5 frames.

Next month we are hoping to announce venues for both the AGM and Presentation event.
From the next league meeting on May 3, you will be given the opportunity to submit proposals for July’s AGM. You will have until June’s league meeting to get your thoughts and ideas to the League Secretary.

Both semi finals of the Wednesday League Cup and the Plate comp will be held at the Warwick Arms, Kingswood, as will the Final of the Wednesday cup.

Now we are in the final throes of the season, submitting scorecards is especially important. Several teams have already been penalised this season for failing to hand in their results, and just because we are at this important stage of the season, doesn’t make any difference to the decision making. With our play off system, virtually every team will still have something to play for.

Behaviour at league matches from time to time are reported to the Committee, and we will investigate any allegations and possibly request teams to attend a meeting to discuss this alleged misconduct. We have worked hard to eradicate behaviour that was a common place in the early days of our game. We all have a duty to treat opponents in a respectful and honest manner, and team rivalries are healthy but please leave it on the table.

In an attempt to reduce our overheads, we have introduced an Email Information Service to provide members with monthly updates.
To help reduce costs, we would like members to subscribe to this Service. The email attachment will be identical to the book that team Captains/Secretaries have previously received by post, and will be available to all league members, not just Captains/Secretaries.
We fully understand that not everyone has access to the internet and email, so for those few teams the book will still be available by post.
Apart from the cost reduction, other advantages will be that the book will be available just a few days after the monthly league meeting, rather than the 11 days it now takes. Any mistakes that arise can be instantly corrected by sending a revised book. Any other information can be easily sent, eg, reminders of important dates such as league meetings and AGM's.
To add your name to the Service, simply send an email to bristolpoolleague(at)
Please include the word “Pool” in the subject line, and in the message box leave your name, team name(s), and whether you are Captain or Secretary of your team, or that you are just a playing member of your team(s). You will receive an email shortly after to confirm your inclusion in the Service.


Every year there are numerous team changes throughout the season. Keep checking the list below for your Division's changes, as mistakes cannot be rectified.

Wednesday Division One
7.1.18 - Team 4, Midway Social Club are now playing at the White Lion, Yate.
15.10.17 - Team 9, Three Crowns A are now playing at the Black Swan, Eastville.

Wednesday Division Two
15.1.18 - Team 4, Bull B are now playing at the Langton Court, St Annes.
8.11.17 - Team 4, Begbrook Club B are now playing at the Bull, St George.
8.10.17 - Team 4, Three Crowns B are now playing at the Begbrook Club B, Stapleton.

Wednesday Division Three
1.4.18 - Team 10, Bull A are now playing at the Sportsman, Bishopston.
8.11.17 - Team 9, The Lions are now playing at the Queens Head, Eastville.

Wednesday Division Four
21.10.17 - Team 12, Christ the King are out, replaced by the Wine Bar, Keynsham.

Wednesday Division Five
17.11.17 - Team 9, Masons Arms are now playing at the Star, Fishponds Rd.

Sunday League
15.1.18 - Team 1, Bull are now playing at the Langton Court, St Annes.
8.11.17 - Team 1, Begbrook Club B are now playing at the Bull, St George.
15.10.17 - Team 6, Three Crowns Lions are now playing at the Black Swan, Eastville.
8.10.17 - Team 1, Three Crowns B are now playing at the Begbrook Club B, Stapleton.
8.10.17 - Team 5, Three Crowns C are now playing at the Novers Park Social Club, Knowle.

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