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last update 7.4.24

Check for team changes in your Division

The Bristol Pool League is committed to providing an enjoyable sporting pastime for as many pool players and teams as possible throughout Bristol. We therefore aim to create a diverse, inclusive, respectful and welcoming environment for all players. We want everyone to enjoy playing pool in the league free from the threat of intimidation, harassment and abuse whether by their own team members or those from another team.
The Bristol Pool League respects the rights, dignity and value of all players and treats everyone equally regardless of their ability, age, gender, ethnicity, race, religious belief, sexuality or socio-economic status. We will not tolerate any bullying, harassment (physical or verbal) or sexual or physical abuse against any player on the basis of these or any other characteristic.
Any player who wishes to report an incident of bullying, harassment or inappropriate behaviour can do so, in confidence, to the Chair of the Bristol Pool League, Chris Whitehead:

All finals of the Divisional Cup will be held at Supreme Sports Lounge on Wednesday April 17. Two tables for each final will be made available for practice from 7pm.

The next three months will see a number of knockout competitions reach Finals Days or Nights. Please be aware of when your respective competitions will conclude.
Several of this months deadlines for results vary, so again be aware of these dates.

Next month we will release details for both this seasons AGM and Presentation event.
It will shortly be time to start thinking about proposals for the AGM. You will have until June’s league meeting to get your thoughts and ideas to the league secretary.

Another change in the fixtures this month, in division 4 the Bobbys have withdrawn and this is now a free date.
We will continue to endeavour to fill vacancies in the fixtures, although at this stage of the season all possible future fixtures involving new teams will be friendlies.

Our current rule sheet should be displayed near the playing area of your team’s home venue. If there is a need to refer to them during a game, the current copy should be available for quick reference.

In an attempt to reduce our overheads, we have introduced an Email Information Service to provide members with monthly updates.
To help reduce costs, we would like members to subscribe to this Service. The email attachment will be identical to the book that team Captains/Secretaries have previously received by post, and will be available to all league members, not just Captains/Secretaries.
We fully understand that not everyone has access to the internet and email, so for those few teams the book will still be available by post.
Apart from the cost reduction, other advantages will be that the book will be available just a few days after the monthly league meeting, rather than the 11 days it now takes. Any mistakes that arise can be instantly corrected by sending a revised book. Any other information can be easily sent, eg, reminders of important dates such as league meetings and AGM's.
To add your name to the Service, simply send an email to bristolpoolleague(at)
Please include the word Pool in the subject line, and in the message box leave your name, team name(s), and whether you are Captain or Secretary of your team, or that you are just a playing member of your team(s). You will receive an email shortly after to confirm your inclusion in the Service.


Every year there are numerous team changes throughout the season. Keep checking the list below for your Division's changes, as mistakes cannot be rectified.

Wednesday Division Two
10.3.24 - Team 1, The Queens are now playing at Begbrook Social Club, Frenchay.
27.12.23 - Team 5, Supreme Rippers are now playing at the Cossham Inn, Kingswood.

Wednesday Division Three
5.3.24 - Team 5, Stillage People have withdrawn, now a free date.
28.10.23 - Team 6, Woyal Rankers are now playing at the George & Dragon, Redfield.

Wednesday Division Four
2.4.24 - Team 9, The Bobbys have withdrawn, now a free date.
10.3.24 - Team 6 - Air Balloon are now playing at the Kings Arms, Pilning.
9.10.23 - Team 9, Bendix Boys are out, replaced by the Bobbys at the Charlton, Keynsham.

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