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last update 2.8.22

A reminder of the monthly league meeting on Thursday August 4 anytime between 7.00-8.30pm at the KES Club, Kingswood.

This is your opportunity to register for next seasons Wednesday and Sunday leagues. Forms should be fully complete with both names and signatures, and fees. Additional signings will be taken at Septembers meeting.

Please remind your captain or secretary of this important meeting.

Updated 18.7.22

Registration forms for the 2022/23 Wednesday and Sunday season are now available to download.

Following last weeks AGM, BPL will be playing Blackball (BB) rules next season. While many players in our league have been playing BB for several years now, these rules will be new to most of our members. We appreciate that people are uncomfortable with change, but learning BB rules is really not a big deal.
The Blackball International website offers valuable info under the RULES tab, including the facility to download an A3 rules sheet. Maybe at first glance it looks terribly complicated, but reading in conjunction with the VISUAL GUIDE under the same tab, it shouldn't take long to grasp the basics. Please note that at this time we do not plan to introduce the 60 second time rule in team league and cup matches.
There is also a video on YouTube called "World Rules to Blackball Rules in 7 minutes" which show real time scenarios together with easy to follow explanations between the two rule sets.

Also following last weeks AGM, league tables will be updated and published on the website weekly. We are still working on the finer details, but basically teams will be required to submit their winning scorecards via Email, SMS or WhatsApp within a certain number hours of Wednesday matches and Sunday matches. It should be noted that ALL LATE RESULTS WILL BE VOID.

In an attempt to reduce our overheads, we have introduced an Email Information Service to provide members with monthly updates.
To help reduce costs, we would like members to subscribe to this Service. The email attachment will be identical to the book that team Captains/Secretaries have previously received by post, and will be available to all league members, not just Captains/Secretaries.
We fully understand that not everyone has access to the internet and email, so for those few teams the book will still be available by post.
Apart from the cost reduction, other advantages will be that the book will be available just a few days after the monthly league meeting, rather than the 11 days it now takes. Any mistakes that arise can be instantly corrected by sending a revised book. Any other information can be easily sent, eg, reminders of important dates such as league meetings and AGM's.
To add your name to the Service, simply send an email to bristolpoolleague(at)
Please include the word “Pool” in the subject line, and in the message box leave your name, team name(s), and whether you are Captain or Secretary of your team, or that you are just a playing member of your team(s). You will receive an email shortly after to confirm your inclusion in the Service.


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