last update 4.2.18

Check for team changes in your Division

It has come to the Committee’s attention that whilst refereeing league matches some players have been verbally abused. This seems to become a standard response if a referee makes a controversial call, or even generally applying rules that some players are unaware of. We must refrain from singling out these players as not everyone is confident enough to ref matches, and it must be said not everyone knows all the rules of the game!
We make a firm stance against this, and feel we have no choice but to take action when players bring the game into disrepute, and furthermore abuse the opposition when they are guests at your venue.

Congratulations to 16 year old Mitch Hooper, who recently qualified for the England Under 18 squad. Mitch, who plays for the Sportsman B, is the current BPL Youth champion, and we wish him well when his debut comes around.

And on the subject of Youth, this seasons comp is being run to Double Elimination rules. A player is not actually eliminated from the comp until they have lost two matches. More details on the draw page in this book.

We are now at that stage of the season where any additional sign ons or player transfers will NOT be accepted by the league. Only under extreme circumstances will the committee consider any additional players.

March is the last of the monthly £25 subscription. Please make every effort to keep up to date, as failure can mean suspension, or even expulsion from the league.

As announced at the start of the season, the Sunday league Divisional Cup draw has been determined by league standings at the halfway stage. The top and bottom 6 teams have been divided into two halves and will remain in those halves until we have one team from each half reaching the Final. Each round is randomly drawn.

Entry forms for the Ladies Open and Mixed Doubles comps should be returned at the March league meeting with all fees that are due. Please take note of the Finals Night dates before entering, as these will be very unlikely to change.

In Doubles play, players should stop conferring with each other once the incoming player has addressed the table. What does this mean? It’s a difficult one. Strictly speaking, once one player touches the table, the talking should stop.
Hopefully, common sense should prevail. A players thigh may brush the table as they walk around it. A player may subconsciously rest their hand on the rail as they walk around. We’d like to think that these instances would be overlooked, until the point that a player actually gets down to line up a shot, or at least lays their cue on the table itself to line up a shot. If in doubt, always bring this up with your opponents before starting a frame.

In an attempt to reduce our overheads, we have introduced an Email Information Service to provide members with monthly updates.
To help reduce costs, we would like members to subscribe to this Service. The email attachment will be identical to the book that team Captains/Secretaries have previously received by post, and will be available to all league members, not just Captains/Secretaries.
We fully understand that not everyone has access to the internet and email, so for those few teams the book will still be available by post.
Apart from the cost reduction, other advantages will be that the book will be available just a few days after the monthly league meeting, rather than the 11 days it now takes. Any mistakes that arise can be instantly corrected by sending a revised book. Any other information can be easily sent, eg, reminders of important dates such as league meetings and AGM's.
To add your name to the Service, simply send an email to bristolpoolleague(at)
Please include the word “Pool” in the subject line, and in the message box leave your name, team name(s), and whether you are Captain or Secretary of your team, or that you are just a playing member of your team(s). You will receive an email shortly after to confirm your inclusion in the Service.


Every year there are numerous team changes throughout the season. Keep checking the list below for your Division's changes, as mistakes cannot be rectified.

Wednesday Division One
7.1.18 - Team 4, Midway Social Club are now playing at the White Lion, Yate.
15.10.17 - Team 9, Three Crowns A are now playing at the Black Swan, Eastville.

Wednesday Division Two
15.1.18 - Team 4, Bull B are now playing at the Langton Court, St Annes.
8.11.17 - Team 4, Begbrook Club B are now playing at the Bull, St George.
8.10.17 - Team 4, Three Crowns B are now playing at the Begbrook Club B, Stapleton.

Wednesday Division Three
8.11.17 - Team 9, The Lions are now playing at the Queens Head, Eastville.

Wednesday Division Four
21.10.17 - Team 12, Christ the King are out, replaced by the Wine Bar, Keynsham.

Wednesday Division Five
17.11.17 - Team 9, Masons Arms are now playing at the Star, Fishponds Rd.

Sunday League
15.1.18 - Team 1, Bull are now playing at the Langton Court, St Annes.
8.11.17 - Team 1, Begbrook Club B are now playing at the Bull, St George.
15.10.17 - Team 6, Three Crowns Lions are now playing at the Black Swan, Eastville.
8.10.17 - Team 1, Three Crowns B are now playing at the Begbrook Club B, Stapleton.
8.10.17 - Team 5, Three Crowns C are now playing at the Novers Park Social Club, Knowle.

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